16th April - Today's News: Volcanic Dust Continues to Cause Problems in Europe

Nice clear skies in Evesham today - not a single manmade cloud to be seen. Not sure if the slight haze on the horizon is volcanic ash or not - hopefully, unlike last night, it'll be clear at sunset tonight. With upper level winds likely to swing around to come more directly from Iceland next week, if the eruption continues we may see a at more ash heading our way.

Obviously, disruption caused by the eruption continues to dominate the news:

Europe flights could be grounded into weekend by ash

Volcanic ash to reach ground level across UK

Iceland volcano from space

Limited Scottish flights resume after ash fears

Volcanic ash unlikely to cool planet

This image, acquired on 15 April 2010 by Envisat's Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS), shows the vast cloud of volcanic ash sweeping across the UK from the eruption in Iceland, more than 1000 km away. The ash, which can be seen as the large grey streak in the image, is drifting from west to east at a height of about 11 km above the surface Earth. (Credit: ESA)

It should be remembered that this is, so far, quite a minor eruption .....

Other news:

Meteor lights up American skies

'Missing' heat may affect future climate changes

NOAA's State of the Climate global analysis shows that, globally, we've just had the warmest March on record

Low supplies slow China earthquake rescue efforts

Heavy snow paralyses southern Alberta

'Black box' plankton found to have huge role in ocean carbon fixation

Source of zodiac glow identified

Stalagmite reveals carbon footprint of early native Americans - seems they're quite so green after all (actually, we knew that).

Wildlife still exposed to Exxon Valdez oil 20 years on

Recent earthquake activity is not unusual ...... or is it? After all, would scientists announce 'recent earthquake activity is very unusual and extremely worrying!'? Actually, they're right. But what happens is after a couple of high profile earthquakes, people become more aware of other, lesser, ones and start to draw unfounded conclusions ..... and then post these on the internet, making others aware, increasing concern and producing a self fulfilling, self perpetuating myth. And the more we try and deny the myth, the more the believers know they must be right!


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