2nd April - Today's News: Latest on 'Clovis Comet' and Lake Aggasiz

Bill Napier has a new model for his variant on the 'Clovis Comet' theory - was a giant comet responsible for a North American catastrophe in 11,000BC? But, at the same time, river reveals chilling tracks of ancient flood - providing new evidence that Lake Aggasiz drained into the Arctic precipitating the Younger Dryas by switching off the THC. I guess the question now is how well do these theories compliment or contradict one another? Could an impact(s) have caused the drainage? Stay tuned .... this one could run longer than the K/T Extinction debate.

More details about rail passenger's seven hour ordeal and in Northern Ireland, centres open for victims of storm

Why Earth wasn't one big ball of ice 4 billion years ago - no, not because of much higher CO2 levels (though they were still higher than today) but because there were no continents and thinner clouds around meaning the Earth absorbed more radiation than it does today. Well, that's the latest theory, anyway.

March heatwave record for Hobart, Tasmania.


  1. Andy, I've not checked for a report but hasn't there been a considerable, record even, 'heat wave' across the east of the US and SE Canada?


  2. Aye, there's been a lot of reports of daily records being broken at the beginning of this month, but I don't like the American idea of saying "record breaking temps" just because it was the highest temp in a particular town on a specific day - so I tend to only post stories when they refer to monthly records or cover longer period or a wide area. Doesn't help that the Americans don't have national papers and antional news stories the way we do. I've noted though that that for quite a few places it was the warmest 1st April on record.


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