30th April - Today's News: Melting Icebergs Cause Sea Level Rise and More Warming

For all those who argue that melting sea ice won't cause sea levels to rise, think again. A new assessment has found that melting icebergs in polar oceans causing sea level rise globally - albeit only by a hair's breadth. Literally. Meanwhile, melting sea ice major cause of warming in Arctic according to new research.

Part of Alaska inundated by ancient megafloods - around 17,000 years ago (ie during the meltdown from the last glacial maximum, but before the Younger Dryas)

Monster tornado chaser armada set to rumble - and you can read the Vortex2 team's blog here

Astronomers find loads of ice on big asteroid

Korea shivering with unusual cold - and it looks like being just as cold in Britain this weekend, with Sunday in particular seeing many places fail to reach double figures. Indeed, models are current predicting a maxima of just 6c in Evesham!


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