15th June - Today's News: Flash Floods Hit Oklahoma City

In Arkansas, with the 20th victim's body now recovered, they're turning to the property toll after the flood, meanwhile flash floods in Oklahoma City strand residents on rooftops as Okla. flooding leads to dramatic rescues.

Landslides kill at least 46 in Bangladesh

Water, water everywhere .... an ancient ocean may have covered third of Mars whilst the Moon's interiror has much higher water content than previously thought. Well, the alien cheese miners need to drink something!

Jets punch holes in clouds and create rain - well, more likely snow, and in most cases it evaporates long before it reaches the ground.

A good start to the ski season in Australia as the snow comes thick and fast

Monsoon covers almost half of India

Storm elves and sprites recorded on video

Mega-faunal die-off may have cooled planet ...... except there is no evidence that there was any significant, sudden, megafaunal die-off before the onset of the Younger Dryas, and indeed, no explanation for such a die-off ...... Plus other megafauna like bison greatly expanded their range whilst those in Africa and much of Asia were unaffected. Humans contributed to the extinctions by hunting already depleted populations - we did not suddenly wipe out millions of mamoths and mastodons overnight!


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