2nd June - Today's News: 180 Dead From Tropical Storm Agatha

The first tropical storm of the East Pacific Hurricane season struck at the weekend and Agatha deaths rise to 180 in Central America whilst a giant sinkhole shocks neighbourhood in Guatemala city and rescue efforts in Guatemala hampered after storm

In Colorado, one of the most photogenic tornadoes in years was captured on film and camera by a number of British stormchasers, including Ian Miller, Bren Jones and Paul Knightley.

May weather ends up average says the Met Office - not in Evesham it wasn't. It was colder and wetter than average! Though to be fair, much of the rain fell right at the beginning of the month.

Meanwhile, Sainbury's tries to keep one step ahead ofBritish weather whilst ebay says mini-skirts can predict the weather.

A unique computer model used to predict active 2010 hurricane season - although those not using the model are all making similar predictions. I wonder if they took solar activity into account? Study finds link between sun and hurricanes - with a greater chance of hurricanes making a US landfall during a solar minimum. Which, er, was what we were in last year.

Florida ridges' mystery marine fossils tied to rising land, not seas

Scientists predict that air traffic posied to become a major factor in global warming - especially with volcanic activity in Iceland now quiet again!

As the pre-monsoon heatwave continues in the sub-continent, temperatures reach record high in Pakistan. 53.7c? Maybe that's why the abandoned Mohenjo-daro all those millenia ago!

In Florida, record cold for Bay are gives way to record heat in May

More heavy rains leave 11 dead in China

Forest, agricultural fires threaten the Arctic

Reforestation may lower the climate change mitigation potential of forests - depending, that is, on where reforestation takes place.

And finally, it's summer, it's June, but the Scottish ski season goes on. I like that.


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