9yh June - Today's News: Norfolk Tornado

Plenty of rain in Evesham yesterday, though we missed most of the heavier downpours during the day. Someone down by the cricket pavilion also filmed a funnel cloud/possible tornado in the distance, somewhere west of Tunnel Hill (possible in vicinity of Throckmorton Airfield) at around 5.10pm. I was walking home from work around the same time .... and saw nothing! So far no other reports so if it did touch down likely to have been in a field. A few other funnels spotted around the country too. However, on Sunday afternoon some funnels certainly did touch down in East Anglia as a tornado leaves trail of destruction and twisters wreak havoc as they tear across Norfolk at 100mph.

As Warsaw braces for flood, Slovakia and Hungary reel

In Oman, cyclone Phet damage may cost $780m whilst after heading east, cyclone Phet kills 10 in Pakistan.

Snowmelt swollen rivers plague Wyoming, Colorado

More cloud seeding in SE Asia as Gov't to conduct artificial rainmaking operations to ease drought in N Thailand. I bet it makes little difference.

Climate change linked to major vegetation shifts worldwide

New research suggests Earth and Moon formed later than previously thought. No, not in 4004BC - but more like 4,447,000,000BC So still quite a long time ago.

Artificial aurora created to help predict space weather

Some like it hot: site of human evolution was scorching - which means that a) global warming isn't a bad thing and b) I'm not human ..... My ancestors definitely came from a cold climate!

And we've not had a "well they blame it for everything else" entry for a while, so how's this? Dutch artist says global warming sank his Arctic sculpture.


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