18th June - Today's News: Scores Dead in Floods, Landslides Across Asia

Floods continue to dominate the news. Landslides kill scores in Bangladesh and Myanmar - usual story of monsoon rains and heavily denuded hillsides. Deforestation kills! Further east, China rain storms and floods kill 46 whilst a Beijing storm causes chaos and closer to home, clean-up of holiday region in southern France begins as death toll rises to 25.

Minn. storms, tornadoes leave at least 2 dead

In Wales, rivers run low as dry spell hits - but it looks like heavy showers could return for the end of the month. John Hammond may have suggested the Glastonbury 2010 weather forecast 'dry with sunny spells' but I think heavy showers may well prove closer the mark. Sorry.

The Met Office have also reaffirmed that an active hurricane season predicted

In South Africa there's snow on Table Mountain - and the cooler weather in Cape Town may perhaps help England against Algeria tonight. The freezing 2010 winter games in South Africa have produced the coldest World Cup ever. Which makes it all the more odd that so many European teams have done poorly thus far. Except for the Swiss. Not that I'm disappointed the cheating French have failed to win a game as yet and may even be soon heading home!

Carbon dioxide is the missing link to past global climate changes. Or is it?
....a research team led by Brown University has established that the climate in the tropics over at least the last 2.7 million years changed in lockstep with the cyclical spread and retreat of ice sheets thousands of miles away in the Northern Hemisphere. The findings appear to cement the link between the recent Ice Ages and temperature changes in tropical oceans. Based on that new link, the scientists conclude that carbon dioxide has played the lead role in dictating global climate patterns, beginning with the Ice Ages and continuing today.
Fine, if the ice ages are caused by changes in CO2 which occur because of, well, er ...... oh ....... what causes the CO2 levels to change in the first place? Ah.

The current glacial cycle is determined by the milankovitch cycles and current continental configuration. The development of N Hemisphere ice sheets affects global weather patterns - and thus impacts on the temperature of topics oceans. Simple. Changes in CO2 are simply a consequence of the glacial cycles, not a cause!

And finally, Styrofoam Jesus struck by lightning - was it Thor or Zeus I wonder? Or possibly even Jahweh?


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