19th June - Today's News: Chicago Storm Blows Out Willis Tower Window

For 12 years I worked for Willis Faber and was delighted when my old employers bought the Sears Tower in Chicago - and renamed it! I also recall the storm of October 1987 when the Willis Head Office in Ipswich (an iconic black glass building) suffered minor storm damage with at least one window blown in. And now history has sort of repeated itself as storm blows out at least one window in Willis Tower.

Meanwhile, Minn digs out from tornadoes; 3 dead, dozens hurt

More than 1 mln evacuated in China over flood threat whilst Chinese vice premiere urges flood control efforts

Ocean changes may have dire impact on people

Cleared forests lead to rise in malaria in Brazil - doesn't surprise me at all. And note, the increase has nothing tio do with global warming!

Volcanic eruptions in North America were more explosive in ancient past

Scientists probe climate memories in vanishing glacier. I'd forgotten there still were glaciers in New Guinea. I think there's mention of them in Pete Boardman's Sacred Summits - which I last read over 20 years ago.

Thundercloud gamma rays hint at origin of lightning - it's not caused by Thor, Zeus, Yahweh etal at all!


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