4th June - Today's News: Tornado Strikes Lennox Head, NSW

Happy Birthday to W&ESN! It was actually 3rd June 2009 that I set up this blog and posted my first entry. Means there's now a whole year's worth of weather and climate news archives all in one easy to find place.

And speaking of the weather, it's summer again in Britain. Yes, there's a mini-heatwave on the way as sunshine returns to Britain. And keeping with tradition it looks like it'll be 3 (or 4) hot days and a thunderstorm. Well, there's a risk of thunderstorms in some places over the weekend anyway. It's actually almost a year since the last thunderstorm in the Evesham area - I'm not holding my breathe on us getting one this weekend. But you never know.

'Miracle' town mops up after tornado hit and there is video and photos of the waterspout/tornado that resulted in disaster area declared at Lennox Head. Pretty spectacular and yes, amazing no-one was killed.

Death toll from south China rainstorms up to 44

Cyclone Phet causes landslides in Oman, heads towards Pakistan - one of these days a Cyclone will run up the Persian Gulf, just like I believe it did some 5,000 years ago giving rise to the stories that later became popularised as Noah's Flood.

Ocean acidification in the Arctic: what are the consequences of carbon dioxide increase on mrine ecosystems?

First exploration of a sub-glacial Antarctic lake is a major step closer

Fires in Amazon challenge emission reduction program

One of the big unanswered questions in climate science at the moment is the effect aerosols have, hence in America, airplanes, ground instruments and weather balloons to study effect of airbourne particles on climate.

Arctic ice at low point compared to recent geological history - though not as yet compared with not quite so recent geological history. A little more that 'a few thousand years ago' during the Holocene Climatic Optimum there is good evidence that Arctic Ocean was largely ice free in summer. It was also warmer in Britain back then. Of course, since then Earth's orbit has subtly shifted and summers should now be steadily cooler resulting in ice extent becoming greater ......

Mountains and Volcanoes in the Mediterranean rise due to pressure from mantle below

Yangtze river's ancient origins revealed - it's a true fossil river that's been following it's course for 40 million years.

Pacific Islands adapt to climate change - which is why they have survived higher sea levels in the past, and are not sinking beneath the waves today.


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