11th December - Today's News: Thaw Sets In Across Britain

The thaw has now set in across Britain and Scotland faces flood nightmare as temperatures shoot up by 20c

But it's still wintry elsewhere:

Snowstorm traps drivers in Estonia

In Germany, snow keeps falling, traffic chaos continues

Earlier in the week, Eiffel Tower shut and roads blocked by Paris snowfall

In Ireland, weather claims its sixth victim as thaw brings new dangers

Extreme weather hammers large parts of Canada

In Australia, disaster declared as river swallows town of Queanbeyan and today, Vic, Qld floods ease, NSW still at threat

Meteor fireball spotted in skies over Britain

Cloud 'feedback' affects global climate and warming

Greenland ice flow driven by short term weather extremes, not gradual warming

'Greener' climate prediction shows plants slow warming

And one for Graham Hancock fans: is there a lost civilisation under Persian Gulf?


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