22nd December - Today's News: More Snow .....

On and on and on it snows, when it'll stop, nobody knows ..... Actually it looks like today should see the last of it for most people, with dry but very cold conditions setting in for Christmas. And 2-3" here overnight.

Passengers face further misery as more snow sweeps Britain

Better news for some as London travel getting back to normal after snow not so for others with the M5 in Worcestershire partly blocked by overnight snow.

Heavy snow hits North Wales as concern rises over grit

In Northern Ireland cold weather continues to bite with further record temperatures

Oh, and a small earthquake shakes Cumbria residents

And, having been pestered by politicians and the media to answer the question, Scientists say biting winters driven by global warming. And they're probably right. Though I wouldn't expect the public let alone media commentators to understand how it can be getting warming and yet we experience more severe winters (here's a clue: how big is Britain? How big is the World?). Simply put, there are signs that climate patterns have - for the time being - shifted. Overall it's warmer, with some areas much warmer but others now getting the cold that 'used' to go elsewhere. This is not likely to be down to AGW entirely, but may well be due to a warming planet and this also may explain the anomalously cold, snowy, winters experienced in Britain and Europe during the height of the Medieval Warm Period. The ones certain people don't want you to know about .....

By the way, abnormally hot weather will continue this week in Azerbaijan whilst climate change blamed for warm Nunavut weather.

Meanwhile, great cormorants enjoy warmer Arctic seas


Rain, storm surge lash Atlantic region of Canada

Governor declares state of emergency as storms pound California

Deluge prediction puts coastal Queensland on flood alert


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