13th December - Today's News: Big Snowstorm Hits US Mid-west

Quiet weather in the UK at the moment - a brief respite before an Arctic front sweeps down on Thursday to bring a very cold and perhaps snowy weekend and run in to Christmas. However, not so in the US as winter storm warning brings snow, sub-zero wind chills; season's first big snow storm slams southeast Michigan; and storm buries mid-west, crippling roads, airports. And in the Pacific NW, sandbags battle record-setting flood.

More flooding in Australia too where brave teens rescue stranded girl as flash floods keep Qld crews busy.

Middle East countries hit by storms bringing snow in Jerusalem

With no guarantee of delivery due to the weather, Tesco and Sainsbury halt online orders in Scotland

Solar storm could knock out power grids and satellites - but will in fact simply produce a nice auroral display.

And finally, my heartfelt thanks to Runrig - and all the crowd at Warwick Arts Centre - for making Saturday night such a remarkable, memorable occasion. Possibly the very best concert ever!


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