24th December - Today's News: Christmas Greeting From Arctic Britain

Masses and masses of icicles. Packed snow and ice everywhere - although main roads and pavements in the high street are now clear. At least no more snow is expected - we could see some ahead of milder air pushing in from the west late on Sunday and through Monday, but I suspect little will get here although freezing rain is a worrying possibility. By Wednesday it should be comparatively milder - though still below normal temperatures - and a thaw ought to have set in. Meanwhile, signs are that for Britain this could be the coldest Christmas on record, with temperatures expected to drop to at least -18c in places tonight and remain below freezing throughout Christmas Day. Hope Santa's packed his thermals!

Christmas travellers struggle as winter weather hits trains and roads

There's a record low for water temperature in London's taps

Snow paralyses transport in parts of Western Europe - but the good news is that Piers Corbyn's predicted Christmas Blizzard looks as likely as a dodo winning the Grand National.

Expect more extreme winters thanks to global warming, say scientists - not that they were saying that after '46 or '63 or '81/'82 and frankly I can't see any difference, though I accept there may be a link between Arctic warming and colder European winters. But whether that's why we're having a cold winter and whether the trend will continue remains to be see. I suspect in 5 years time we'll be bemoaning the lack of snow and asking why more wasn't done to prepare us for winter flooding .....

Over in Nevada, 'Epic' snow conditions boosting visitors to Mount Charleston ski resort

It's even been snowing in Australia where a bitter summer freeze bites eastern States as summer gives way to snow and cold. Though this is not so unusual, they had snow on Christmas Day in 2006.

Nasty winter weather continues in Atlantic Canada

Queensland flood fears escalate while in W.A. supplies arrive in flood-hit Carnarvon

Southern California communities surrounded by mud

But it's not cold and wet everywhere. For the heat head to Argentina where a 'yellow alert' persists with highs of 35 degrees. A hint, perhaps, of what might be in store for Britain in 2011 .....


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