20th December - Today's News: Record Low Temperatures as Snow Causes More Chaos in Britain

What a weekend!

After a light dusting of snow on Friday night it started snowing again just as I got up at 6.00am Saturday morning - and didn't stop for 10 hours. A total of 11 inches on the grass. And then, overnight the temperature fell to -16.2c in my garden and -19.5c at Pershore Throckmorton (a site record for there). My previous lowest temperature was -10.5c. During the day the temperature only rose to -7.3c and last night fell back to -14.6c

As I write, the south coast is getting pummeled with more heavy snow, but fortunately we're only likely to get some light stuff later, if anything at all. But it's expected to remain below freezing all week.

Pershore temperatures drop to -19c

Hundreds more flights cancelled as BAA criticism intensifies

Police urge motorists to avoid the A38 after major snowfall overnight

Travel warning as Scotland's freeze continues

Ambulance response warning as more snow due in Wales

Record low temperature recorded in Northern Ireland

Further snow travel chaos set to disrupt Christmas week

How 'frozen Britain' suffered under severe weather conditions

Bookies braced for storm over 'white Christmas' (worth noting that at no time has there been any serious indications that much if any snow would fall this year on Christmas Day)

Snow grounds thousands of European flights, stranding passengers

In California, Southland slogs through storm system of a decade

Cryosat ice mission returns first science

And after eastern Australia got heavy rain, it's now moved west as WA flooding causing widespread devastation


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