29th December Today's News: Thaw Causes Water Shortages in NI

Well the big thaw is now well underway. Throughout yesterday there was a constant drip, drip, drip, crash, bang, wallop as the icicles came down, and now there's just dirty mounds of ice littering the streets and pavements. Some of these will certainly still be there in 2011.

But the thaw is not without its problems. There's a big rise in burst water pipes in Wales, Scotland and NI and millions face New Year water shortage after thaw in Northern Ireland sparks spate of burst pipes.

One unexpected consequence of the cold spell has been that in Yorkshire, Knipe Point cliff homes threatened by new landslip - sounds like some freeze-thaw action taking place, making the cliffs crumble more than normal.

On-going floods force mass evacuations in Queensland, Australia

And North-east US struggles for normality after blizzards whilst in Canada, storm disruptions continue in Maritimes

Cold wave kills 4 in northern India

Greenland ice sheet future grim says Aberystwyth study


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