15th December - Today's News: Hundreds Trapped in Ontario Snowstorm

White Christmas likely as forecasters predict return of Arctic weather to UK - though it's only our old friend Jonathan Powell saying a white Christmas is a certainty (and he's no more a counterpart to the MetO than I am!). Looks possible for some, at least with lying snow even if only rain or sleet falls through the day.

But whilst we take a breather from the cold and snow, problems continue in North America where Ontario snowstorm maroons hundreds and bone-chilling cold plods into North-east US while in the Mid-west, after brutal snow-storm, US starts clearing up.

Whilst some States like Georgia and Florida have seen very low temperatures, elsewhere, Arizona and California have been breaking records for heat. So not all bad.

Globally, it still looks like 2010 is probably the hottest year ever recorded

One dead in severe Brisbane storm

On I missed from last week: Panama Canal reopens after closure due to rain

Scottish Govt outlines weather response changes

Life may have survived Snowball Earth in ocean pockets - evidence suggest the Earth may have been more of a Slushball, and not entirely frozen over as some think.

Giant icebergs head to watery end at island graveyard

Where no manmade object has gone before: Voyager near Solar System's edge

Ice volcano identified on Saturn's moon Titan

Continued death of forests predicted in southwestern US due to climate change


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