14th December - Today's News: Black Ice & Floods Follow Freeze

From 9pm on Monday until 1am today, Friday, the temperature in my garden remained below freezing, except for a brief period on Tuesday afternoon.  Wednesday and Thursday were consecutive ice days, with Wednesday's maximum only -1.1c.   I've only previously recorded consecutive ice days in January 2010 and December 2010 and on both occasions there was deep snow cover at the time.   So all in all, quite a remarkable cold spell, albeit a fairly short one.   Today, we're back to rain ......  though with rainfall this month currently well below average that's perhaps not so bad.   No signs as yet of any return of cold weather this year, but with a block of high pressure over Russia, it's always possible. 

Problems this morning with freezing rain and black ice.  In Sheffield, ice skid fire engine crushes car with a black ice warning as rain falls in Wales.  And in the SW, Devon trains cancelled after heavy rain

Climate warming unlikely to cause near-extinction of ancient Amazon trees - though of course, burning and logging might ....

Meteor fireball spotted in skies over Britain - it was too cloudy here, even if I had been out at the time.

Nearly four in ten US residents blame weather on 'end times' ....... that's more scary than a hurricane!

And finally, the arrogance of Nathan Rao - responsible for repeatedly producing dangerously misleading weather stories, including assurances that Britain would be hit by an easterly this week, producing 6" of snow and temps down to -30c, with the cold due to last until 2013 - knows no bounds :-(   The man is, simply put, a cad.  A lying cad.    Though, as an aside, I'm disappointed I didn't see that Labrookes were offering such a bet!   I'd have gone for it.   But not on the basis of Rao's lies ....   Meanwhile, we still await the coldest winter for 100 years!


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