7th December - Today's News: Deadly Auckland Tornado

Freezing UK weather closes schools and slows trains - and there's lots more to come.  Next week looks like being even colder, with a risk of snow for most parts before the week is out.

btw, back in August I said "my current thoughts are that we could see a cold start to winter, but a mild end.  Not dissimilar to 2010/11. But that may of course change and I'm starting to lean towards a return of colder conditions in late Feb/March.   A mild January sandwich."   So far so good!

Sweden hit with real snow on Wednesday though with transport standstill as storm lashes Stockholm and on Thursday many still stranded after Stockholm blizzard

In the Philippines, there are now at least 475 dead, hundreds missing in typhoon's wake

Japan earthquake triggers alert in Miyagi whilst also eastern Iran hit by deadly earthquake - though only a relatively small one.

Evidence that in the US and elsewhere, wildfires fanned by invasive grass species - spread, of course by human activity.  And since wildfires may affect the weather and perhaps even climate, it's another piece anthropogenic climate change.

How illegal logging in Brazil's Amazon turns 'legal' - all it takes is violence and corruption....


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