5th December - Today's News: Brief Dusting of Snow Causes Chaos in England

Must be winter!   Stansted, Luton and Aberdeen airports face major delays as snow heads south and icy conditions cause havoc on the roads  - but why on Earth does a brief dusting of snow that'll be gone in a couple of hours force 50 schools to close????????   They never closed in '79 or '81 when we had proper snow .....

We just had a brief spell of slightly sleety rain .....

In China, snowstorms close schools, ground planes (but they did have a tad more than Essex!)

Sweden braces for massive snow onslaught whilst in Finland, winter's new cold record -31.3c - that's just the coldest so far this winter, btw.  And snowstorm disrupts transportation in Moscow - but no mention of any schools being closed.

And rescuers return to scene of US jet crash on Skye - an account of the incident was written for the MBA Journal by one of those staying at Camasunary bothy - which was most definitely not 'almost destroyed'!


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