19th December - Today's News: Christmas Flood Warnings for Britain

No sign of a white Christmas, except on Scottish hills, but big concerns about the amount of rain expected over the next few days. South West on flood alert as forecasters warn of seven days of unsettled weather across the whole of the UK dashing hopes of a white Christmas  whilst Scotland on flood alert as 60mph winds and rain are forecast today.  A lot more areas will be on flood warnings come the weekend.

At least all this rain means there'll be 'no drought in SE England' for next 2 years

Whilst in Minnesota, ski hills seed clouds with snow - and it really does appear to have worked, based on radar interpretation.

If you're looking for a warm, dry Christmas, maybe head to Western Australia where Perth weather to hit 40c on Christmas Day.   Hmmm, I'd rather cool and wet ...... 

Globally, November marked 333 straight warmer than average months.   Must be that new ice age they keep telling us about!   NOAA's latest report is here.

And looking to the future, extreme climate predicted in eastern US: storms, heat waves with global warming

Coal to equal oil as world's top energy source within 10 years - that's not going to cut our carbon emissions!   But as I have always said, the focus should be on curbing other aspects of anthropogenic climate change - which can more realistically be achieved.

Tau Ceti's planets nearest around single, Sun-like star - and they could harbour life.  But not necessarily as we know it.


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