29th December - Today's News: Gales, More Rain to End 2012

The last entry of 2012!   And guess what ..... it's raining again ......  So flood warnings rise amid threat of further downpours

Meanwhile, storm-force 85mph gales and heavy rain batter parts of Scotland  as the year goes out on a stormy note - which looks set to continue over the next 2 days.

But if you're sick of all the rain?  It's not as bad as the Big Freeze of 1963 - and worth noting that in the run up to Christmas, almost everyone I spoke to about the rain and floods commented that "at least it's not snowing".

Shoppers filmed fleeing as tornado hits store in Alabama on Christmas Day

A story from earlier in the month, in Colorado, local man says cloud seeding could be causing lack of snow - it's one of the genuine concerns about weather modification: if you do make it rain (or snow) here, it means it may not rain (or snow) so much downwind .....

And on a lighter note, it's not just in Britain we're fed up with the rain as Beckhams quit 20k Maldives holiday after three days because it won't stop raining


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