18th December 2012 - Cyclone Evan Hits Fiji

Cyclone Evan leaves trail of destruction in Fiji - the biggest storm to hit the island in 20 years.

Recent heavy rain and landslides leave trail of destruction along South West Coastal Path - and there's a lot more rain to come over the next few days with renewed fears of flooding in the run up to Christmas (which will probably be mild, and perhaps wet & windy as well, although there remains some doubt with hints it could turn colder again next week - so fingers crossed!).  Latest model output has up to 55mm in parts of South Devon tomorrow and an inch or more widely across southern England - with more expected into the weekend it's not looking at all good for those in flood prone areas.

In Israel, as rain pounds north, Sea of Galilee on rise - good news after several dry winters there

Lake Ellsworth: drilling effort runs into trouble - they've hit the ancient city of the Elder Things at the Mountains of Madness!   Or, perhaps not ....


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