10th December - Today's News: Strong Storm Impacts Northern Britain

'Weather bomb' storm brings disruption to northern UK  But it is worth noting that the storm 'bombed' - ie underwent rapid cyclogenesis, deepening quickly - whilst it was still off Greenland and has in fact filled slightly as it has moved eastwards, far to the north of Scotland (so it's not hit us at all).  But you know what the media are like when they get hold of a sexy sounding weather term!  Nor is this the 'storm of the century' - it's not anywhere near on a par with the 2005 'Hebridean Hurricane', nor even some of last winter's storms.  The Met Office give us a closer look at 'weather bomb' and sets the record straight - but the media will undoubtedly ignore the facts in favour of scarier fiction ....

Meanwhile Piers Corbyn has gone public with his forecast for 12-16 December warning of feet of snow in parts of Britain (and he clearly does not mean the high tops of the Cairngorms) as northeasterly winds bring very cold temperatures, heavy snow and blizzards across most of the country.   It currently looks as likely as his "hottest ever August" forecast .... !

Warmer Pacific Ocean could release millions of tons of seafloor methane - which would cause more warming and is one reason why the 'so-called sceptics' argument that anthropogenic CO2 emissions will cause much less warming than many scientists suggest is so flawed.  It is simply not that simple!

And temperature anomalies are warming faster than Earth's average, study finds - so even if the average temperature does not rise so much, we could still see more extreme heatwaves and cold winters (which is not as counter-intuitive as it may seem, albeit the 'so-called sceptics' find it a concept impossible to grasp).


  1. It'll be interesting to see how Piers' acolytes cope if his forecast turns out to be wrong - their faith will be sorely tested. Piers will no doubt claim success...

  2. Regarding Corbyn's forecast. Just... no. It'll snow a bit in higher parts of the north Midlands tonight, I reckon. After that there's no snow to be seen! Worse than 2010? Well, it actually snowed a lot in the south in December 2010. It'll take a heck of a lot to beat that. I'll wager I don't see a single flake by the 16th (in Reading).


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