19th December - Today's News: 11 Dead in Japanese Snowstorm

Although we're not looking at anything like the problems last Christmas, flooding causes train and road disruption in Powys and there is more rain likely over the coming days, so some further localised flooding is possible both in Wales, and in the Highlands as lying snow melts early next week, before it turns a bit cooler and drier again for Christmas (any snow on the 25th likely to be limited to Scottish hills).  Worth noting as well that the post-Christmas period could bring more problems with both wind and rain.

During last April's big tornado outbreak in the US, it appears that some birds 'heard tornados coming' and fled one day ahead

Satelite date indicate 2014 will not be warmest year on record, but among top several - though for surface temps it may well be.   In any case, there is no sign of cooling.


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