15th December - Today's News: Met Office Criticise Media 'Weather Bomb' Hysteria

When is a weather bomb not a weather bomb?   When it's used to describe a storm that undergoes rapid cyclogenesis thousands of miles away and doesn't even approach the British Isles ....   The Met Office rightly criticial of the media hysteria about last week's quite normal weather.

Meanwhile, Piers Corbyn has been tying himself in knots (and even getting get a bit of criticism published on his own website) over his failed forecast of widespead cold and snow - with 'feet' of snow in NE England ....  Apparently it was all down to the lack of fronts - so when it was cold it was dry - and then when there were fronts it wasn't cold enough .... and the Germans pinched it all!  Except even in Germany there was just some light snow on Thursday evening that caused traffic congestion, due to icy roads, on autobahns  around Hessen.  Nothing notable even there.  He has also ignored the fact that we had a west or northwesterly airflow throughout, rather than the northeasterly he predicted.   So the synoptics were completely wrong as well.   In fact, everything was wrong.

And it's been the quietest 3 years for twisters on record in the US


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