13th Deecmber - Today's News: California Storm Triggers LA Tornado and Mudslides

Here, travellers escape disruption despite heavy rains, strongs winds and snow in some parts - it is unclear at the moment whether the snow in the Highlands yesterday was the major snow event predicted by Piers Corbyn to affect the whole of Britain between the 12th and 16th ....  Or, indeed, any of the major, disruptive, snow events predicted by James Madden to have been occurring since the beginning of November!


  1. Some of Piers' subscribers are not following the party line, e.g.

    "On 12 Dec 2014, David (winter subscriber) Yorkshire wrote:

    I do not see any mud slinging just feedback. We have to be allowed to give critique. The forecast has been wrong from the 6th onwards simple as that (very good before that) You can cherry pick bits and caveats all you like but it is for the most part inaccurate. The public warning made it seem like it was nailed on, just days before we got rain. Despite what the radar shows the snow is reserved for the highest ground. I cannot see snow now next week to low levels. Just shots of colder air just like this week. Thanks"

    1. Aye it has been quite fun reading the comments on his site this week!


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