23rd December - Today's News: Several Dead in Indian Cold Spell

Intense cold claims several lives across north India - deaths of homeless beggars are not uncommon there in winter as temperatures drop close to freezing

Piers Corbyn has tweeted his Christmas forecast - which, er, is wrong from the very start since in order for it to turn less cold with thaw floods we would have needed it to have first been cold with lying snow!   Any local flooding is due to normal heavy rain (which was not preceeded by snow) and it looks like turning colder and dry over Christmas, with no snow on Christmas Eve (except in the Scottish Highlands) and no pounding of sea defences in Ireland or the SW, though there could be stormy conditions in the North Sea at the weekend - exact details remain uncertain as models struggle to determine the course of a low pressure system that is expected to undergo rapid cyclogenesis.   There's a small chance some places could see some snow on the back edge of any rain on Sunday.

And a story which seems to crop up every winter; you can do a good deed and clear your neighbour's snow this Christmas, minister says (albeit there won't actually be any snow to clear) and you won't get sued if someone subsequently slips on the cleared path - as the 'popular' urban myth, usually promulgated by the media in the first place, warns.


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