18th August - Today's News

One for the global coolers to start with today: Hot August night: record winter heat in Alice Oh, and another one: Winter scorcher: mercury may break record. So quite warm across a large swathe of Australia at the moment.

Meanwhile, in Europe Switzerland sizzles in heatwave as Rhone is placed on heatwave alert

As reported yesterday, first storms of the season swirl near U.S. - Claudette has come ashore bringing rain to Florida and Alabama - but overall proving 'pretty uneventful', Ana has weakened to a tropical storm, but Bill is starting to show signs it may just strike the east coast of America - which would be good news for the UK as a US landfall reduces the likelihood of it sending any tropical moisture our way. It's expected to strengthen to a major hurricane over the next couple of days as it tracks slowly northwestwards. The longer it takes before turning north the better. Unless you're American - New Yorkers look out! But the greater concern at the present is for Bermuda - which could end up directly in its path.

Elsewhere: Season of dread returns as Haiti awaits devastating hurricane season

And yet another earthquake strikes off Japan's coastline.

From Tibet comes the warning that warming of plateau is threatening all Asia

Trees defy warming predictions
"These results show that treelines are responding to warming, but are not consistent in that only half of the sites showed signs of advance despite most sites experiencing warming. Several studies on plant species' responses to climate warming have shown mixed results and this study provides a possible explanation – both winter and summer conditions control treeline position," concluded Harsch.
I would humbly suggest that wind and rain - ie prevailing weather conditions other than just average temperature - may also be factors?

Heavy rainstorms ahead due to global climate change

And finally, to balance the warmth at the start of today's bulletin, we end with the news that Icy weather grips S.A - see, it's still winter in some parts of the S Hemisphere!


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