29th August - Today's News

Millions in Nepal facing hunger as climate changes - it doesn't matter the reason, human society today is extremely fragile and, partly because of our high populations levels, simply cannot cope if the climate - especially rainfall - changes. Half the time we struggle even under current climate! Though I suppose in some places changes may prove beneficial? It can't be more drought everywhere! Of course, the whole thing about humans is our adaptivity. Climate changes, we adapt. Simple. Leastways, that's how it used to work. But have we now forgotten how to ......?

Some good news for those who argue the MWP was warmer than it is today - a new temperature reconstruction from Indo-pacific warm pool suggests temperatures were, at least, about as warm as today during part of the MWP. This doesn't mean the whole world was warmer, but it is certainly suggestive that current global temperatures are not - yet anyway - anything unusual.


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