27th August - Today's News

Widespread damage after winds whip Victoria

Those in the NE may disagree, but elsewhere in the USA the evidence suggests that heatwaves are getting worse - this of course highlights one of the problems with the concept of 'global' warming. It doesn't mean everywhere gets warmer and some place might even get cooler. And the reasons for such changes include far more than just CO2 - which one might think should produce equal warming in all parts (as indeed ought solar or other external forcings). However, temperature is often down to synoptics - weather patterns - and it's changes in these which lead to some places warming more, or less. Or, indeed, seeing changes in rainfall. Or for that matter, in cloud cover (I would hunmbly suggest that synoptics are more important than cosmic rays in determining cloud formation). Question is: do weather patterns change due to CO2? Or because of solar forcing? Variations in ocean currents? Deforestation? urbanisation? Or all of them. I guess you know my answer. One size never fits all.

Maybe I should be a key witness if US chamber of commerce seeks trial on global warming? Clearly those calling for such a move have no understanding about global warming. They probably don't read this blog. And they probably think if it's cold in New York then the whole planet is cold, because surely New York is the whole planet? And these guys run businesses? Crazy, crazy world. The analogy to the Scopes 'monkey' trial is appropriate. Science again under attack by religion. Mind you, I bet the defence relies entirely on CO2 ....... So, if it ever happened, most likely a flawed case all round.

Kenya's rural drought hurts city dwellers

Geological detectives down in Antarctica may have discovered the location of an ice sheet missing for 34 million years ......
The new study, by showing that West Antarctica had a higher elevation 34 million years ago than previously thought, reveals a possible site for the accumulation of the early ice that is unaccounted for.... "Our results, therefore, have opened up a new paradigm for the history of the growth of the great global ice sheets. Both East and West Antarctica hosted the growing ice."
Okay, it's not that profound a story and will probably affect the lives of nobody. But it's interesting to us rock geeks.

Tropical storm Danny forms in Atlantic - and looks like following a similar path to Bill.

Astrophysicists puzzle over planet that's too close to its sun

Hot weather stifles EU maize, hurts yield prospects

Tropical storms endure over wet land, fizzle out over dry
More than 30 years of monsoon data from India showed that ground moisture where the storms make landfall is a major indicator of what the storm will do from there. If the ground is wet, the storm is likely to sustain, while dry conditions should calm the storm.
Has Northern Hemisphere pollution affected Australian rainfall? An interesting question. If so, it's ......... yet another example of non-CO2 related anthropogenic climate change.

And finally an interesting new problem regarding turbines: wind farms can appear sinister to weatherman. They apparently look on doppler radar like tornadoes ....


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