24th August - Today's News

Taiwan says Typhoon Morakot has claimed 650 lives

China drought leaves 5 million short of water

Upwards lightning caught on film

Greek firefighters battle on 2 fronts as winds begin to ease

Hurricane Bill knocks out power, swamps roads in Nova Scotia - Bill is now an 'ex-hurricane' and on its way across the Atlantic, as predicted, to bring a rather wet day for much of the British Isles on Wednesday - needed rain in some parts since after the MetO forecast August would be wetter than average I've so far seen my driest summer month since 2006! Mind, some more northern and western parts have been a tad wetter than Evesham!

Unfortunately, before leaving the USA, Bill did contribute to 2 deaths as a hurricane wave sweeps Maine spectators out to sea - resulting in the death of a 7 year old girl - and earlier was blamed for swimmer's death in Florida. Though both deaths looks to have been wholly avoidable.


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