25th August - Today's News

Hottest August day on record for NSW - hitting 36.8c - but good news for Aussie skiers: there's snow expected in Snowy Mountains over the next few days. Imagine if we hit 30c+ in February here in Britain, with heavy snow in the Cairngorms 2 days later?!!! Even 20c ......! Up in Queensland it was also a hot august day as records fall - hitting 35.4c in Brisbane. And if the heat and snow isn't excitement enough, Melbourne commuters asked to leave as storm nears
Train and tram commuters in Melbourne, Australia’s second-most populous city, were advised to leave the city’s business district ahead of a storm expected to bring winds of up to 110 kilometers (68 miles) an hour. Tram commuters were asked to depart by 2:30 p.m. local time and train commuters by 3 p.m. to avoid any possible disruption to services caused by the storm
- it's all happening in Oz!

Having witnessed the dust clouds from the Sarychev eruption earlier in the summer, I tend to have more interest now in Siberian volcanoes. So was interested to see that six Kamchatka volcanoes erupting simultaneously for the first time in sixty years It's been speculated that that Sarychev could have contributed to the cold wet July in NE America and Britian. Could an increase in activity this winter finally produce a decent cold, snowy season for Evesham? Hmmmm, probably not ...... Meanwhile there are some stunning photographs of erupting volcanoes as seen from space on Wired News.

Searching for an interglacial on Greenland - is a report on the first season's drilling at NEEM. They're hoping to have ice cores going back to the Eemian next summer.

And finally, today's "you know it's a totally made up story" comes from the Daily Star (who else?): Bank hols will be a scorcher.
Temperatures will soar again next weekend with 25C (77F) expected all over Britain.
Assuming that the weekend means Monday and all over Britain means the Home Counties, they may just about be right. But at present (still some uncertainty) the Bank Holiday weekend looks set to start cool for everyone (breezy with maybe an occasional shower in Scone for those heading to the Runrig gig), with rain across northern parts on Sunday - and likely still cool and damp in N Ireland and W Scotland on Monday.


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