Kenya mobilises for drought aid

Climate change an Australian 'security risk'

Two Bob Dylan concerts cancelled due to heatwave

Second Japanese earthquake in days injures 100 - hopefully these 'smaller' 'quakes will be releiving tension and mean we won't see a big one. Japan is one of the most earthquake prone places in the world - the whole archipelago is an island arc caused by the Philippines and Pacific Plates sliding under the Eurasian Plate (though it's actually a little more complicated than that) with resulting tectonic activity creating an unstable volcanic mountain range that rises from the sea and which we call Japan. England was once a similar island arc. About 650 million years ago.

Storm Etau leabes destruction in Japan, Taiwan typhoon toll rises

Hawaii hotels, resorts set for storm's arrival - but Hurricane Felicia has dropped from being a Cat4 storm at one stage to just a tropical storm, so hopefully not likely to cause too much trouble. Anyone know is the last series of Lost is being filmed there at the moment?

A new tropical despression has formed in the Atlantic (only the second of the season) and some models have been predicted this to become a hurricane by next week - I'll bring news on this is and whgen it does develop into a major storm. At present its, well, just a tropical despression in the middle of the Atlantic.

What's the Role of solar radiation in climate change? Simple - we don't really know. Which just further complicates future predictions.

Caution urged over cloud seeding

And finally today, I'd like to share this story which I think rather sums up chemtrail and related nonsense quite nicely: Mountain mists and a rainbow conspiracy


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