22nd August - Today's News

Seems tropical storms are no respecters of US Presidents - past or present. First Bill Clinton flees holiday isle of Bermuda, and now Hurricane Bill threatens Barack Obama's vacation in Martha's Vineyard. It's also forced New York to close beaches in Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island whilst Oil producers off Canada's east coast brace for for Hurricane Bill. But at least Hurricane Bill weakens on path to Canadian Maritimes - where it's expected on Sunday. Thereafter it still looks like taking a ride on the Jet Stream over to Britain, but current indications are that it won't now bring any particularly wet or windy weather to our shores. Just as well given the rain they've had in the NW this week (whilst the rest of us have been enjoying our barbecues) - with another very wet day on store for Ireland, NW England and Scotland tomorrow.

World sets ocean temperature record


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