Forecasters are predicting that temperatures will steadily rise over the next few weeks with the possibility of reaching 101F (38.5C) in mid-August.

Jonathan Powell from Positive Weather Solutions said: 'The roller-coaster summer will have another high. When it does arrive, record temperatures may well be achieved.

'At present, the second week of August looks likely to break the warmest-day record for England, and possibly Wales.'

Well guess what? It's the second week of August, there are no record breaking temperatures nor does the current model output suggest anything of the sort in the coming weeks - just cloud and wind and rain. I wonder how long before the Mail accuses the Met Office of having gotten yet another forecast wrong? (The MetO btw predicted a wetter than average August).

The fact is, the tabloid press will take anyone's forecast (I may be tempted to try it myself sone day) trup it up as an 'official' prediction by propfessional meteorologists, and then blame the professionals when it turns out duff. And even when they get a real preofessional to comment, they will misrepresent what he/she said in order to fit in with the story they want. "Weathermen predict normal weather" is not a good headline. Only record high temperatures, blizzards or hurricane winds will do. So don't ever take any notice of anything they say. Even when you know the facts it's often difficult to dig out the kernel of truth from the chaff of complete made up nonsense. And if any media mogul out there wants to dispute that, I'm ready and waiting!

Anyway, you've been warmed. So on to today's news:

Seattle gets first measureable rain since July 13th

Do cities deflect rain storms?

Has global warming really left the Siachen glacier unaffected? Well possibly - because as we all know, global warming itself is not necessarily a cause of glacial retreat or advance. Nor does global warming mean everywhere gets warmer. And in the long term, it's all about precipitation. Without winter snow, a glacier will retreat regardless of temperature - whilst increased precipitation may mean a glacier grows despite higher temperatures.

Meteorite found non Mars yields clues about the planet's past

Humans damaging the oceans in profound ways

Flooding and damage from 2008 Myanmar cyclone assessed

Rescuers reach Taiwan village destroyed by landslide

And finally, the NOAA data for July is now out and it was below average for the US - just waiting for the global figures which may prove controversial!


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