18th February - Today's News: Snow Mould Turns British Lawns Pink

It's snowing again in Evesham - and could well do so for much of the day though whether we get any significant accumulation waits to be seen. I should be travelling up to Stirling to tomorrow for some Mountain Bothy Association meetings this weekend, so assuming I'm able to get away in the morning, this'll be the last news round up till the middle of next week.

And on the subject of snow .....

Snow mould turns lawns pink (my garden was definitely green when I left home - though I think it may be white when I get back!)

Cold weather delays Spring blooms in Devon and Cornwall and there's a climate change threat to berries

They've been asking in Fermanagh: why does it always rain on us?

In Canada, Maritime storm brings heavy snow, school closures, travel disruption whilst across at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, weather at Cypress has always been fickle - now they tell us!

Tornado rips through Queensland farm - and is captured on video

Meteorite, maybe older than the Sun, shows chemistry of ancient solar system

Storm south of Hawaii has potential to become 'rare' cyclone

What caused Earth to hold it's last breath?

Permafrost line recedes 130km in 50 years

Tajikistan threatened by climate change, Oxfam says

Team find subtropical waters flushing through Greenland fjord


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