1st February - Today's News: Coldest January in Britain for 23 Years

Rather a surprise to be woken up early this morning by a heavy shower of graupel (snow pellets) - which was presumably followed by some freezing rain and snow, leaving a dusting of hard frozen snow and ice on the ground - quite lethal conditions where roads and pavements were not salted! I think we'll see more snow this month too. And figures from the ever reliable Philip Eden show that January was the coldest for more than 20 years

Other parts of Britain saw more snow over the course of the weekend (until this morning all the showers by-passed Evesham and/or died out before they got here) Four die on the roads as severe wintry weather hits Scotland again.

Heavy snow brings more transport misery to Germany

In the USA, storm causes loss of power to areas of the Southeast

While in New Zealand, stranded trampers rescued after torrential rain. I think we'd call the hikers?

Peru flood death toll rises to 20

NASA mission to unravel Sun's threat to Earth

Emissions of potent greenhouse gas increase despite reduction efforts


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