26th February - Today's News: Heaviest Snowfall of the Winter Hits Highlands

Well, what a week it's been in the Highlands. 2 solid days of snowfall producing around 40cm (16") of level snow in Aviemore, 80cm on Wednesday alone at the White Corries in Glencoe (that was the deepest fresh snow cover at any ski resort in the world that day) and reports today of around 1.5 to 2m of fresh powder having accumulated at the Cairngorm ski centre - with more higher up. It's been such a big story that it received exactly 0.000 seconds worth of coverage on the main BBC ten o'clock news bulletin last night .....

However, at Weather & Earth Science News we think it's a slightly more important and interesting news story than some report about life in Cuba. And there have at least been a few reports on the internet media, though still less than you might have expected given probably the heaviest snowfall in years:

Hundreds of drivers trapped in cars as return of the Big Freeze brings roads to a halt

Freezing night for motorists as A9 is blocked by snow

Snow leaves homes without power

Scottish ski resorts inundated with snow

Also, sadly, on Wednesday, North avalanches kill two climbers and injure a third

The heavy rain and gales expected to hit SE England on Sunday will no doubt receive more attention. Indeed, already they're talking of a flood risk as Britain is braced for gale force winds and heavy rain (Britain in this case meaning southern and eastern parts of England).

Elsewhere in the world:

Vast iceberg 'may disrupt ocean currents'

Snow 'hurricane'? Storm hits northeast with winds and heavy rain. And no, just because winds were gusting to 70mph does not make it a hurricane! One does worry about those Americans sometimes. Unfortunately, there was at least one victim as a snow-laden falling tree limb kills man in Central Park. And an update as relentless winter storm blasts the northeast producing 17" snow in parts of New York.

Madeira flood missing rises to 29

And as SE Asia swelters in heatwave, in Singapore they wonder could this be the driest February on record?


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