2nd February - Today's News: Warmest January on Record for Seattle Area

This is well worth a read - and bear in mind Fred Pearce is not a 'climate sceptic' - the strange case of moving weather posts and a scientist under siege. I'll only say that none of the questions arising from the 'climategate' emails affect the science behind climate change, but they may well damage public confidence in science, especially climatology. And the more that emerges, the more one has to wonder about just how accurate some data and temp change reconstructions are. Not that that means we can burn down the rest of the Asian rainforest and expect it to have no climate consequences! I do also wonder if, as a result of doubts over temperature changes, we may in the next few years see a shift away from 'global warming' and greater emphasis on 'precipitation pattern change' - something I personally consider of far more immediate concern and which thus far has not received much publicity at all.

Incidently, this blog entry published on the Washington Examiner website just shows the problem we have - maybe carbon dioxide is not the only factor affecting climate and weather. Well no, it's not. All climatologists know that (and most current research is in fields other than CO2) But thanks to the over emphasis on carbon emission derived global warming, the public do seem to think it's all about CO2. It's still a long, long road ahead.

January was the warmest on record for Seattle area - records going back to 1891. And across the border, in Canada, warm weather breaks 60 year record. However, further inland, Iowa sets record for days with snow cover

Ex Cyclone Olga continues to bring rain to Queensland with flooding tipped for Qld Channel Country whilst in New Zealand there's havoc and evacuations as storm lashes Cape.

Bulgaria braces itself for another blizzard

Apparently, Britain protests over false glacier claims - though it's unclear whether Britain was actually aware of the claims before they were found to be false, and if they were aware why no-one raised the question of such patently ludicrous predictions ...... But maybe by complaining it draws attention away from such questions? Did anyone read the report? Did anyone with half a brain read the report? ............ !


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