5th February - Today's News: Caribbean Drought Causes Concern

It's not a region you normally associate with such things, but Caribbean drought worries, miners, farmers as water restrictions enforced - this is likely down to El Nino and part of the regional drought affected parts of South America, notably Venezuela.Justify Full

US capital hunkers down for huge winter storm and with New York under storm watch, New Jersey gets blizzard warning.

In New Zealand, central Otago swelters in week of 30deg days

Global coolers are getting a bit concerned that even Roy Spencer (prominent AGW sceptic) concurs that January was, globally, the warmest on record - according to satellite measurements. How can this be, they ask, when North America, Europe, China was so cold ....... Well, the answer is simple. North America (the half that was cold, as opposed to the half that was warming - those Seattle will not be at all surprised that Jan was so warm!), Europe and China actually constitute only a part of the Northern Hemisphere - and other parts, such as large parts of Asia, N America (the half that wasn't cold) and Africa saw very warm temperatures. Then there's the southern Hemisphere. And the 70% covered by oceans .... Sadly, some folk who should know better have a very poor grasp on geography.

New Hubble maps of Pluto show surface changes - and these show how even that far out, there is a (very long) seasonal change in 'ice cover'. They do not, however, indicate that Pluto is experiencing 'global warming' as some advocates of "it's all down to the Sun/Cosmic Rays/Nibiru" would have us believe.

Black Carbon a significant factor in melting Himalayan glaciers. Hmmm, I wonder where the carbon comes from? The Sun? The oceans? Or, er, human activity? Don't tell the coolers!

Finally, thanks to John Mason for finding his highly educational and enlightening piece of research on the anatomy of IPCC's mistake on Himalayan glaciers and year 2035. Things are never quite as simply as they first seem!


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