8th February - Today's News: 2009 Warmest Year for Tibet & India

Snow in parts of England again today, though nothing significant as yet. Could be interesting later in the week though - stayed tuned!

It's a third day of disruption after snow in eastern US with the US set for more snow after 'historic' storm. But over on the west coast where warm weather melts away Vancouver Games training plans.

'Roof of the world' getting warmer - as Tibet records it's warmest ever year in 2009. And it's much the same the other side of the Himalaya as 2009 was warmest year in India since 1901 (which I think is when their records start).

In Kashmir, there are reportedly six dead, 60 trapped in avalanche. And from the Swiss Alps comes an amazing story of survival as avalanche victim survives for 17 hours before being rescued with just mild hypothermia.

Mother found dead in Queensland flood waters

Climate Scientist Phil Jones contemplated suicide over data claims
He said he was provoked into writing the messages after suspecting that his unit was the target of a campaign by climate sceptics to tie up scientists with numerous FOI requests, many from abroad.
Which is indeed how it looks. Especially since - as mentioned before - at least some of the requested data would appear to be exempt from the FOIA as it was given to the CRU under licence and could be obtained separately from the original sources. But of course that would be too much like hard work and nowhere near as fun!

Interesting to note that people are finally reading the AR4 and finding all manner of errors in it - though in most cases fairly petty and insignificant ones. And let's face it, the IPCC is to climate change what the FA is to football - just because one is wrong doesn't mean the other doesn't exist. Ironic that the initial criticism of the AR4 was that it had been watered down under political pressure. Then again, did the same political pressure lead to 'deliberate' errors being placed in it? It's not beyond the bounds of possiblity. There's a lot of money that doesn't want climate change to be accepted. Especially in America. And a lot of fundamentalists with a great deal of influence in big business and politics. I do find it a little odd that these errors should all be discovered at the same time, and not 2 years ago. Almost like sleepers ..... And why has no-one admitted hacking into the CRU computer? Why was the data placed on a Russian surver? Coincidently just before the Copenhagen Summit.

Of course, like all conspiracies - such as the idea Al Gore invented global warming for personal gain - such unfounded speculation might all be complete nonsense. Mighten it?


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