27th February - Today's News: 8.8 Mag Earthquake Hits Chile

Massive earthquake strikes Chile - although there are few reports of deaths at present, it's often the nature of such events that the full scale of devastation isn't know for some time, especially when remote regions are struck. It also appears that a tsunami was generated though details on this are currently sketchy. However, Hawaii under tsunami advisory and right across the other side of the Pacific they're taking the risk very seriously as RP told to prepare for possible tsunami evacuation.

Earlier, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake rocks Okinawa. Tsunami warnings generated by this have been canceled.

In the NE USA, New Yorkers battle third heaviest snowstorm on record and a combination of factors made for odd snowstorm - contrary to what is suggested at the end of the article, thundersnow is not an indication that milder weather is on the way! Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, state of emergency declared after violent storm.

There are cheers, tears and fears for mountain sports fans as Glencoe is hit by record snowfall and elsewhere, flooding fears raised by snow and heavy rainfall whilst Perthshire snow worries ease as power restored. And I do like the simplicity of this UPI headline: blizzard hits Scotland, England may flood.

Compensation claims after Severn Bridge ice closures

Down in the southern Caribbean, TT bakes under 36 degree heat - though I'm surprised 36c is the record highest ever temperature for Trinidad and Tobago? Maybe they mean the record for February?

And in the 'I told you so' category, tree clearing suspected in Indonesian landslide - sadly, with tragic consequences.

Spain, France brace for hurricane force winds - it'll be breezy in England too, and a bit wet.

Storm prompts evacuations north of Los Angeles

And having been told a few days ago that 'coral reefs will dissolve within 100 years' (they won't) we now learn that a coral species has developed the 'skills' to cope with rising temperatures. There we are: evolution means the world won't end after all.


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