24th February - Today's News: GW Means Fewer But Stronger Hurricanes

Experts settle hurricane and global warming feud; predict bigger storms but fewer ones

Better snowfall forecasting

Snow fall across most of Scotland again

One person killed in gales in Tbilisi

Marine scientist finds Little Ice Age had dramatic effect on Gulf

'Snow hurricane' faces New York, Pennsylvania as storm nears

Did ice exist at the equator some 300 million years ago?

Barents Sea - an effect ocean cooler

Spanish roof collapse kills Spanish expatriates - possibly caused by the recent heavy rain in the region.

Sharp decline in public's belief in climate threat, British poll reveals - but as we all know, there can't possibly be any global warming because it's been a cold winter!

Yet another maddening example of the media misrepresenting the truth and lying to the public in order to make a more sensational story: coral reefs will dissolve within 100 years due to acidic seas
The world's most stunning coral reefs will have dissolved within 100 years, a new study claims.
They won't and no-one has made any such claim. Indeed the news article itself clearly tells us this: "His studies suggest reefs stop growing and start breaking up when the amount of the greenhouse gas reaches twice its pre-industrial level. If current trends continue, this is expected to be by the end of the 21st century." - in other words, far from dissolving by then , they won't even start to suffer any effects for nearly 100 years!

The story is actually a year old anyway - teh study concerned was published online on March 13, 2009 in Geophysical Research Letters. And the reality is:
Based on the model results for more than 9,000 reef locations, the researchers determined that at the highest concentration studied, 750 ppm, acidification of seawater would reduce calcification rates of three quarters of the world's reefs to less than 20% of pre-industrial rates. Field studies suggest that at such low rates, coral growth would not be able to keep up with dissolution and other natural as
well as manmade destructive processes attacking reefs.
( from: Coral reefs may start dissolving when atmospheric carbon dioxide doubles )

It really is time the media was brought to account for their persistent campaign of disinformation. Because I am very sure that in a few years time, these headlines will be being used by some as 'proof' of the false claims made by climate scientists .....

And finally, from realclimate, The Guardian Disappoints - it seems Fred Pearce's assessment of 'climategate' was not quite so accurate and balanced as one would have hoped.


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