14th November - Today's News: Aerosols May Cause More Extreme Weather

Autumn could be warmest on record - or, more likely, the second warmest on record after 2006. 18.2c in my garden yesterday was the highest temp I've recorded in November, with the offical UK max 18.1c in Hampshire. Felt a fine summer's day to me. Whilst autumn overall may not be warmest, November could well be. And, as the Sun put it Britain's hotter than Syria! No sign of the promised heavy snow and Arctic freeze so confidently promised for October or November by certain media outlets back in September!

But whilst there's no sign of anything on our hills, snow covers Cape mountaintops in SA.

In NZ, massive storm hits Rotorua

Air pollution linked to extreme weather - given that we'll never cut down on CO2 emissions then it seems the way forward to mitigate the impacts of a warming world are obvious. So dont expect any action this decade .....


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