5th November - Today's News: Fog Causes Deadly Motorway Crash in Devon

M5 shut as 'several people' die in 27-vehicle crash. From accounts it appears that the motorway surface was still wet from recent rain and that there was patchy fog in the area - sporadic dense fog banks can be very dangerous. This appears the worst British motorway pile up since March 1997 when 3 people died and 160 vehicles were involved, again in an accident caused by fog.

Earlier, flooding in Bridgewater sparks river wall collapse fear whilst in Wales, flooding hits Newport and stops Cardiff rugby match.

Warm weather melts summit snow in Cairngorms - which actually isn't at all unusual! Although they have had unusually high temperatures.

Italy floods: six killed in port city Genoa after torrential rainfall. More heavy rain is expected this weekend.

Bangkok continues to battle Thailand floods

In East Africa, floods cause havor for Somali displaced

UA scientists find evidence of Roman period megadrought
in SW USA - much to the confusion of some posters on WUWT who can't quite figure out how there could have been a drought when CO2 levels were lower since they still seem to think CO2 alone controls climate. Morons!

And after complaints about the reference to funnel clouds, the BBC have amended their story and now report homes damaged by strong winds in Worcestershire.


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