4th November - Today's News - 11 Die as Heavy Rain Hits Oman

Heavy rain in desert regions can be deadly. The death toll from storm in Oman rises to 11.

We missed most of the rain in England yesterday (including a terrific thunderstorm that ran up just west of here) and had nothing overnight, though many dry eastern parts saw an inch. Just up the road from me there was a report of what may have been a tornado, although, rather bizarrely, the BBC suggest that homes damaged by funnel clouds in Worcestershire (obviously a funnel cloud does not reach the ground - else it is a tornado - and cannot cause damage. And there doesn't appear to have been any sightings of a funnel cloud either. We haven't got a clue how they came up with this one!)

And more heavy rain and early snow cause havoc on Beirut

In Western Australia, record rain turns bumper harvest to ruin

There's been a November snow surprise for southerners in NZ

New England's freak snowstorm blamed for at least 22 deaths

In the Indian Ocean pollution makes powerful cyclones more likely

Despite the ongoing world recession and punative taxes aimed at reduce emissions, greenhouse gases rise by record amounts

'Hide the decline' revisited by Richard Black in a useful assessment of recent controversely surrounding the recent annoucements by the Berkeley Earth Project. Tamino's blog entry on the subject also worth reading.

Fracking tests near Blackpool 'likely cause' of tremors recorded their earlier this year. As was strongly suspected at the time.

Major berg forming in Antarctica

And at last they're starting to abandon the either/or idea and accept - as I have argued for a very long time - the more holistic view that both humans and climate contributed to extinctions of large Ice Age mammals. Hurrah!


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