25th November - Today's News: Woman Dies as Storm Hits Hebrides

Overnight a woman dies as storm-force winds batter into north and west of Scotland and there are fears a 'superwave' storm could hit Norway oil facilities today. It's quite a tight little depression, and there's another following in its wake with a warning of storm force winds and flood risks issued for Scotland this weekend.

In the US, travellers face more delays as storms continue to batter the north

Hurricane Kenneth sets record for Eastern Pacific storms being the lastest ever to form

Unusual warmth leaves Scandinavia snow-free and wondering 'where's winter'? - today should also be the start of Piers Corbyn's predicted record cold spell for Britain. Hmmm .... it reached 13.8c overnight in my garden!

In WA, rain brings reprieve but firefighters 'downbeat' over homes lost in bushfires. Elsewhere in Australia, rain drenches NSW, sparking flood rescues

A good example of how the media spin stories to suit what they want you to believe: according to the press association number of cold weather deaths falls, though as the story points out, only very slightly and there was a rise in London. But then we are told winter deaths up 38% - I'm not sure where that figure comes from but it presumably refers to the number of deaths compared with summer, as opposed to the winter average. So rather misleading.

A new study suggests that climate sensitivity to CO2 more limited than extreme projections, though it must be emphasised that a lot more work is still needed. I've linked to the press release as it makes everything much clearer than the somewhat garbled news reports I've seen. There's a useful interview with one of the co-authors of the paper here - thanks Adam!

Nuclear power 'gets little support worldwide' - though I'm pleased to see mention of increased efficiency as a means of dealing with the imminent energy crisis. Though whether those who responded have discovered the off switch yet is another matter.

Most liveable alien worlds ranked

And finally, Climategate 2.0 - the hackers (circumstantial evidence now points to there being more than one and that they are not European or American) have now released another traunche of the emails they stole 2 years ago. I think Richard Black sums it up as well as any: climate emails: storm or yawn? Definitely a yawn.


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