26th November - Today's News: Faroes Hit by Hurricane Force Winds

In Scotland, there's snow and large waves as winter storms continue - none of which is the least unusual this time of year - as winter storm 'Berit' barrels towards Sweden and there has been massive damage as Faroe Islands battered by hurricane force winds

People rescued, cut off by rising floodwaters in northern NSW

Russia's south hit by record low temperatures

Across Europe, ski slopes starved of snow thanks to the mild, dry autumn

Whilst all the recnet attention has been on Bangkok, flood woes mount in Thailand's south

Heatwave kills 200 elephants ion Zimbabwe

Climategate II: the scientists fight back whilst in the Guardian, Leo Hickman asks help us find clues in climate email hacker's message

And OMG we are going to die: end of world speculation after new Mayan discovery!!! Of course, the Mayans didn't predict the end of the world and even if they did why would we think they were right when so many hundreds of other predictions have proven false. But it keeps the tinfoil hat bridge happy.


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