29th November 2011 - Heavy Rain Brings Flooding to Scotland

Heavy rain causes flooding in Scotland - and there's plenty more to come

But down south, Anglia Water granted drought permit after dry Spring (and summer and autumn ...) - I've only had half the average November rainfall so far this month so looking certain to be my 13th consecutive dry month. More remarkably, we've still not had an air frost nor even a day with a maximum temperature below 10c. Looks like it should turn colder over the weekend and into next week, although nothing exceptional for December.

Whither now the record cold spell that was supposed to start on the 27th Nov (but then put back to the 29th when PC saw the lastest weather charts)?

A daft headline from the normally reliable Guardian: despite warm autumn, 2011 temperatures fail to reach record highs, globally. Under La Nina we wouldn't have expected them to. It'll be interesting to see what the final UK figure is though. A better piece from the Met Office showing global average temperatures continue to warm - and interesting to see how La Nina years are now warmer than El Nino years used to be.

Rare November cold snap hits southern USA

Hurricane seasons spawns 19 storms in third most active year

Water doesn't have to freeze until -48c but usually does long before then!


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