19th November - Today's News: New IPCC Report Issued

Extreme weather will strike as climate change takes hold, IPCC warns in a report that has already been much discussed, expecially in the blogosphere. The report itself is the IPCC SREX Summary for Policymakers - but I've not myself read it as yet so I'll not comment further.

More drought signs in England as Kennet and Avon Canal water levels lowest for 90 years whilst over in Cambridgeshire drought forces rail line closure after causing track movement

Wind driven wildfire destroys 25 homes in Reno

More accurate cyclone prediction model developed

Cassini chronicles life of Saturn's giant storm

And hypocrisy afoot as climate minister buys a castle with 16 bathrooms and a massive carbon footprint. But then, what would you expect of a politician, especially a very rich one who lives in a different world to the rest of us? Anyway, I bet Gore has an even bigger house!


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